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Master Series Single Malt Pinot Noir Finish

This single malt whisky represents the very best from the Hellyers Road Bond Store.
Hand-picked by the master distiller, each one has its individuality substantiated by the unique batch number it carries. In further recognition of their authenticity and exclusivity, every bottle has been numbered and personally signed by the master distiller.

Single Malt Pinot Noir Finish Aged 8 Years
Bacth No. 15V17 Cask No. 4 – 299 Bottles
Alc/Vol 61.6%

The nose is immediately drawn to crisp summer citrus, lemon and orange that obediently withdraws on the palate to manifest a sweet, gentle layer of pepper and spice – a persuasion of the red wine cameo. Burnt blackberry sauce lingers in the aftertaste foreclosing a treasured confusion of the senses.



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