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NEW RELEASE Select Cask Series American Oak and Port Cask

The perfect marriage of our triple distilled American and French Oak Port Cask whisky.

We are thrilled to introduce to you the first release in our new Select Cask Series.

Taking a luscious leaf from our hugely popular Twin Oak release, this expression of premium single malt whisky, epitomises the art of marrying the delicious characters of our unique triple distilled spirit (ex-bourbon, American Oak) with our Port cask matured spirit (French Oak).

These two beautifully crafted single malts undoubtedly provide a unique Tasmanian single malt experience.

ALC/VOL: 45.5%

BOTTLED: 20 Oct 2021

Tasting Note

Subtle scents of vanilla fill the nose before the palate uncovers citrus marmalade and winter berries over a toasty body. The finish is as smooth as it is long, retreating through sprinklings of nutmeg and spice.  





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