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The Anniversary Collection Release No. 1 Vintage 2002

The Anniversary Collection merges the artisan skills of fine Tasmanian single malt distilling with the raw power and beauty of Tasmania’s exquisite landscapes and environment to present a product that is in every way a celebration of Australia’s pristine island State.

This release represents a true celebration of premium Tasmanian distilling – Welcome to Hellyers Road’s Anniversary Collection.

Release No 1 – Vintage 2002
• CASK NO. 2087.09
• ALC/VOL – 67.3%
• DISTILLED DATE: 28/03/2002

An alluring copper glow hints at time well spent in the cask. Freshly crushed vanilla bean greets the nose, a sublime precursor to the citrus tones that dance their way across the palate. An oily sweetness slowly absconds to a finish that is toasty and mellow to the very end.





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