Celebrating Hellyers Road Distillery’s Latest 21-Year-Old Single Malt Release

Hellyers Road American Oak 21 Year Old Single Malt Whisky Cask 2283.01
At Hellyers Road Distillery, we’re proud to continually raise the standard with our exceptional spirits. Our latest offering, American Oak 21 Year Old Single Cask 2283.01, a distinguished 21-year-old single malt, is a notable example of this. It not only showcases a heritage built on excellence but also our commitment to pushing boundaries in the craft of whisky making. This whisky has been refined over decades under Tasmania’s unique climatic conditions, delivering a sensory experience from the very first aroma to the lingering aftertaste.

With the release of Cask 2283.01, we celebrate our heritage of quality and craftsmanship. As the most awarded Australian whisky brand at the 2024 World Whiskies Awards, we are excited to present a whisky that promises unparalleled quality and flavour.

Continue reading to discover more about this exquisite release.

The Aging Process of Hellyers Road Distillery’s Finest

The crafting of this release began over two decades ago, with the sourcing of the best available ex-bourbon casks from renowned distilleries Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey. The casks, filled with our new-make spirit, began their journey when they were laid down in the on-site concrete bond store. Fiona Coutts, Head Distiller, shares more.

“Two decades can pass in the blink of an eye, yet this cask has been sitting in the cool quiet of the bond store all that time, quietly undergoing transformative chemical reactions and becoming the delicious whisky it is today,” Coutts reflects.

Cask 2283.01 was laid down on 10 October 2002. Despite the many variables that play a part in creating a whisky’s final profile, there’s no doubt the craftsmanship Hellyers Road Distillery is renowned for today had a big part to play two decades ago.

“Something as serendipitous as choosing one cask over another and in combination with a certain spirit can, many years later, result in a whisky of exceptional quality such as Cask 2283.01,” says Coutts.

“The spirit profile that was being made many moons ago is somewhat an enigma,” Coutts says. “Raw ingredients such as the strain of barley used then do not exist now. The yeast strains, although similar, would be slightly different as well.”

After rigorous tastings and evaluations, Cask 2283.01 was selected from the distillery’s oldest reserves for its exceptional balance and readiness. Chosen out of over 5,700 casks, this release showcases the very best of what Hellyers Road Distillery stands for. It is this discernment that places Hellyers Road in the ranks of the world’s finest whisky producers – a proud moment for the distillery.

Tasting Notes of the 21-Year-Old Single Malt

Hellyers Road Distillery’s Cask 2283.01 21-year-old single malt unfolds a symphony of flavours and aromas.

On the nose, it greets you with the immediate sweetness and inviting warmth of leatherwood honey, intertwined with soft vanilla sweetness and a vibrant citrus flourish. Light floral notes play along the edges, while a rich butteriness deepens with time, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and refined elegance.

To elevate the sensory experience of enjoying and savouring this single malt, Coutts suggests pairing it with desserts that mirror its complexity and depth.
“An orange almond cake, generously topped with a heavy dollop cream and a toffee drizzle or a vanilla crème brûlée accompanied by a spiced biscuit perfectly complements the whisky’s profile,” says Coutts.

This release is not just a nod to the past but a beacon for the future, inspiring Hellyers Road Distillery to continue exploring and innovating.

Decades of Distillation

Embracing over two decades of passion, precision and patience, this release marks a significant moment for us and captures our steadfast dedication to the art and science of whisky creation.

Cask 2283.01 is not only a remarkable achievement for the distillery but is a shining example of Australia’s excellence in the global whisky arena. Indulge in a bottle of Cask 2283.01, and join us in celebrating this monumental expression, an embodiment of where we’ve been and the exciting direction we’re headed.

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