Hellyers Road takes
its name from the spirit
of its location and origins

A physical ‘Hellyers Road’
once ran right through
the middle of where
the distillery now sits

A road surveyed in 1820
by one of the first Europeans
to boldly explore and chart
the rugged, remote
North-West Tasmania

& explorer,
Henry Hellyer

Hellyers Road was
founded in 1997
by a group of dairy
farming families

With a bold belief that
the wild and remote
north-west Tasmania
was the perfect environment
to create globally award
winning whisky

Hellyers Road began
unconventionally -
and this restless spirit
still lives on today

Like Henry we have
a restless spirit,
fearless pursuit,
resilience and burning
drive to discover

A relentless drive
to take the road
less travelled –
into the unknown.

Hellyers Road is
a unique story about
the courage to journey
into the unknown
and beyond

An independent
north-west Tasmanian
success story