Our insignia represents a road stretching out beyond the horizon, and the challenges and opportunities that lie beyond. We’ve ventured into the unknown to bring you four new releases, available now online and at Cellar Door. You’ll also see a mountain, sun and sky, an homage to the land which we make our whisky from.  

We’ve decided to call out the provenance of our whisky by featuring “North West Tasmania” on our bottle. We’re proud of our region and champion it at home and abroad. Did you know we export all around the world, and that we're the first whisky authorised to feature the Brand Tasmania Mark on our bottles?

We say ‘distilled and aged’ by Hellyers Road at the top of our bottle to highlight the fact that all of the whisky we age in our bond store is distilled by us, and because of this, we know the exact provenance of every drop of liquid in each barrel, and every expression of whisky we bottle since we started distilling in 1999. 

The artwork on our label is intended to capture the sense of mystery, depth and uniqueness reflected in the landscape that we at Hellyers Road call home; wilderness like the Tarkine and Bass Strait, both of which are wild, raw and at times even foreboding. Ultimately, we hope this artwork makes it easy to sit down in front of the fire, hold a glass and imagine oneself exploring the unknown with a brave and adventurous spirit

As Australia’s oldest operating whisky distillery, we have always made all our single malt whisky from scratch – mashing and fermenting Tasmanian malted Barley. We’ve been distilling whisky since 1999 at our distillery on the beautiful North West Coast of Tasmania, and this sense of permanence distinguishes us because it’s allowed us to know exactly what whisky in every barrel we fill, and finetune our processes to the climate around us. We believe our Bond Store is home to the lion’s share of Australian’s aged whisky, and we look forward to sharing this with you over the coming decades.