The Distillery

Hellyers Road Distillery. Rare. Unique.

By every stretch, Hellyers Road Distillery is without equal. With many unique characteristics, our distillery is proud to produce single malt whiskies of unrivalled distinction. But how you ask?
  • We are home to one of the world's most unique whisky stills.
  • We are recognised for having an incredibly unique and distinctive signature style.
  • We brew our own wort for mashing, distil our own newmake spirit and bottle our own whisky. One of the very few true craft distilleries in Australia to do this.
  • We produce a variety of highly recognised and unique peated whisky styles that are awarded on the world stage.
  • We release our single malts at an average age of 12 years old.
  • We are one of only a few distilleries in the world to make truly fresh cream single malt whisky liqueurs.
Our famous and award winning Hellyers Road Distillery Visitor Centre, Hellyers Road Restaurant and Whisky Walk Distillery Interpretation Tours lie in the picturesque area of Havenview, just outside of Burnie in Tasmania’s beautiful northwest. Discover more and visit us

Hellyers Road Distillery

153 Old Surrey Rd, Havenview TAS 7320

Mon - Sun, 10am - 4:30pm