Globally awarded
artisan single malt whiskies
from the wild & remote
north-west Tasmania.

North-west Tasmania
has some of the most purest
water sources in the world.

North-west Tasmania has some
of the cleanest air in the world.
The air is cleaned while it travels
for thousands of kilometres over
the ocean before arriving at the
Tasmanian north-west coast.

Hellyers Road Distillery Master Series - Tasmania - Australia - Award3 - Single Malt Whisky

Master Series


    The Hellyers Road Master Series Collection represents the highest tier of cask strength Tasmanian whisky quality and is described as the Distillery’s Masterstroke.

    These single cask single malt releases have been carefully matured from some of Hellyer Road’s oldest and most special casks, lying in wait until the perfect harmony between flavour and spirit.

    Traditionally made in the distillery’s Original style, they represent the very finest single malt whisky from the Hellyers Road bond store. While aged on average for 15 years at cask strength, on rare occasions and in only the most exceptional circumstances do we release them at a younger age.

    SINGLE CASK TYPE: Traditionally American Oak (Ex Bourbon Cask),
    French Oak (Port Cask), French Oak (Pinot Noir)
    ALC/VOL: Cask Strength
    BARRELED: Between 2002-2005+
    BOTTLES: >Between 190 - 250 on average