The Perfect Union: Celebrating 19 Years with Voyager

Hellyers Road Distillery

As milestones go, a 19-year wedding anniversary is a testament to the power of partnership, the poise in enduring love, and the journey that two people embark on together. In the spirit of celebrating such a momentous occasion, we present to you the Hellyers Road 19 Year Old Voyager Cask 20F10.03 single malt whisky. This exquisite spirit is more than just a whisky; it's a symbol of journey, maturity, and the intricate balance of life's rich tapestry, much like the journey of marriage itself.

Crafted with the utmost care on the rugged northwest coast of Tasmania, Voyager is a tribute to the spirit of exploration and the joy of discovering the depths of connection. With only 350 bottles available, this limited edition single malt is as exclusive and unique as the bond shared by couples who have navigated 19 years of life together.

Our 19 Year Old Voyager is the epitome of power and poise. As one of Australia’s oldest single malt age statements, it harmoniously balances rich fruit with noble wood and hints of citrus, leading to a long and comforting denouement. This symphony of flavors mirrors the journey of marriage – a blend of experiences, both bold and delicate, that together create a story rich in depth and character.

Bottled at 57% ABV, Voyager has matured with grace. Initially resting in American Oak casks from Kentucky and Tennessee, it underwent a secondary maturation in a single French Oak cask, previously used for wine and then liqueur maturation. This meticulous process imbues our Voyager with exceptional character and distinction, much like the journey of a marriage that grows richer and more nuanced with time.

The name 'Voyager' is a celebration of Hellyers Road's relentless pursuit of distinction and our desire to challenge the ordinary. It resonates with the essence of a 19-year marriage - a voyage of shared dreams, challenges overcome, and the joy of continuous discovery. Gifting the Voyager on this special anniversary is not just an act of giving a bottle of whisky; it's an acknowledgment of the journey, the achievements, and the love that has deepened over 19 years.

In every sip, let the Voyager remind you of the adventures shared, the storms weathered together, and the quiet moments that are cherished forever. It's a testament to enduring partnership, a toast to the years past, and a beacon of light for the years to come.

Celebrate your 19-year milestone with Hellyers Road Voyager – because like the best marriages, the finest whiskies are those that have taken the time to mature beautifully, developing richness and complexity that can only come with age. Here's to journeying together, in love and in spirit.

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