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Globally awarded
artisan single malt whiskies
from the wild & remote
north-west Tasmania.

North-west Tasmania
has some of the most purest
water sources in the world.

North-west Tasmania has some
of the cleanest air in the world.
The air is cleaned while it travels
for thousands of kilometres over
the ocean before arriving at the
Tasmanian north-west coast.

Hellyers Road Distillery Tour and Bond Store - Tasmania - Australia

Hellyers Road Tour Selections


    Almost 200 years ago, Henry Hellyer navigated the harsh and unchartered landscapes of Tasmania's treacherous terrain in unyielding climates - never giving up. His quest was one of dedication and perseverance. 

    Today, we have made things a little bit easier. We invite you to share our whisky journey with us at our distillery. We love nothing more than sharing our story, delving into distillation and guiding you through all things Hellyers Road. Our tours are available nearly all year round and are the ideal way to immerse yourself into the world of whisky through the eyes of one of the countries oldest and most awarded distilleries.

    You'll learn about all things whisky, how its made, what makes us special, why we do what we do, but above all, you'll be invited into a world of wonder where you will find more questions than the time we have to answer them!  Our tours will shed light on our history and our future including anecdotes for everyone and even a sneak peak of our famous 'Secret Still'.

    The tours are a highly recommended experience that includes the opportunity to bottle your own very limited release of highly limited single cask single malt whisky - complete with wax seal and certificate or exclusivity. Every year 80,000 guests visit Tasmanian distilleries - of which, 35,000 whisky lovers visit Hellyers Road.

    Our story so far is a rich tapestry of adventure, discovery and endeavour. It is truly Tasmanian.  We invite you to join us on our future journey into the unknown...

    Bookings can be made below or by calling our Visitor Centre on 03 6433 0439  

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