The Hellyers Road
21 Club

An Exclusive Whisky Experience

Hellyers Road, the oldest operating whisky distillery in Australia, is thrilled to introduce the exclusive 21 Club. This prestigious club is designed to offer our valued shareholders an extraordinary journey into the world of premium whisky like never before. We are pleased to advise that your access to invest in Hellyers Road is now open.

(Offer to invest closes on 28th May 2024, or earlier if our maximum target of $4.8m is met)

The 21 Club

Specially curated for shareholders who have shown unparalleled support for our journey by investing more than $7,500, you will be invited to join the 21 Club with exclusive benefits that include:

- The ability to purchase up to six exclusive release 21 year old+ whiskies per year at not more than $500 per bottle - unmatchable value; and

- Private behind the scenes distillery tours with barrel sampling of 21 year old whiskies.

This club is more than a reward, it's a partnership, recognising those who see the long-term value and impact of our work

Express your interest

If you are an existing shareholder we will induct you into membership of the Hellyers Road 21 Club right away.

If you are not already a shareholder, we will notify you when the Expressions of Interest for our share issue open on 16 April.

Registering your interest in becoming a member of the Hellyers Road 21 Club does not oblige you to invest or commit any funds. It simply allows us to notify you when Expressions of Interest open for Whisky Tasmania’s share issue. If you do then register an Expression of Interest, always consider the general CSF risk-warning and offer document before investing.

Benefits of Joining the 21 Club

Unmatched Access to Rare Whiskies

As a member of the 21 Club, each year for the next three years you’ll gain access to six exclusive releases of Tasmanian Single Malt whisky – each one at least 21-years old. These are the pinnacle of Australian whisky, with the rich flavours and complexity that only an uncompromising focus on quality and intergenerational patience can create. Each 700ml bottle, accompanied by a 50ml taster, allows you to savour the whisky without needing to open the full-sized bottle, preserving its integrity for future enjoyment.

Unbeatable Value

At a maximum price of $500 per bottle, our 21 Club releases offer exceptional value for whiskies of this calibre, age, and rarity. Indulge in luxury at a price that is unmatched anywhere for whiskies of this quality and provenance, knowing that you’re investing in something truly extraordinary.

No Obligation to Buy

Membership of the 21 Club does not oblige you to purchase any whisky or other product. Membership gives access to exclusive releases of extraordinary whiskies without any obligation to buy any particular release or any minimum amount.

Exclusive Community

Members will have access to our exclusive online community, where you can engage with fellow whisky lovers and participate in virtual tastings led by our Head Distiller, Fiona Coutts. Share your passion, insights, and experiences as you explore the world of whisky together.

Limited Edition Releases

Each release has been crafted in very small batches, ensuring exclusivity and quality. The nature of such rare small batch whiskies is that some releases will have less bottles available than the number of members of the 21 Club. Allocation will be based on either a first-come, first-served basis, or through a ballot system, ensuring every member has a fair chance to acquire these prized bottles. Members who seek to order a release, but miss out, will have priority for the next release. If necessary to ensure that every member who places an order for each release does receive their minimum of six 21 Club whiskies per year, we will release more than six whiskies.

Exclusive Perks

With your first order, you’ll receive a pair of exquisite 21 Club whisky glasses, specially designed to enhance your tasting experience. With your third order, a 21 Club whisky jug.

Access to Events

As a 21 Club member, you'll receive invitations to exclusive Hellyers Road events, where you can immerse yourself in the truly unique provenance of North West Tasmanian and Hellyers Road, including events pairing our whiskies with specialist local produce which is the finest of its type, anywhere in Australia.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Each active 21 Club member will be able to enjoy, each year and free of charge, a guided, behind-the-scenes, private tour of our distillery and bond store, including sampling some of our very old whiskies and upcoming releases - straight from the cask.